Shawnee Band Parents Association

2021 Spring Craftshow applications were sent out today. The show is scheduled for March 12. We look forward to seeing you there! If you did not receive one, but would like to participate, please feel free to email

The Shawnee Band Parents Association supports the Shawnee High School Marching Band of Medford, NJ. The Marching Band is a competitive team that not only performs at Shawnee football games but also participates weekly in the eight-state competition circuit, Tournament of Bands. You’ll also often find the band featured in the Medford Township parades at Memorial Day and Halloween. The parents association is proud to assist the Marching Band by raising money and volunteering time to ensure that the band has everything they need to be successful.

The 2021 Band, with their show “Inspire” won Regional, State, and Atlantic Coast championships with their new director, Pam Czekay